Amanda Prince-Lubawy
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London, United Kingdom
A native Californian, Amanda Prince-Lubawy trained in classical ballet and modern dance under the teachings of Pamela Hayes, Loretta Livingston, Donald McKayle, and Yvonne Rainer. Amanda works diligently and curiously with concepts of the body as archive. In December 2010, she received her MA in Dance Theatre: The Body In Performance at Laban, focusing her thesis on the body as a unique exposure of a transformative documentary practice. She writes weekly on a shared blog called The Shrinking Violets with Alexandrina Hemsley as a disciplinary practice and to encourage dialogue between dancers; and, she is also co-founder of a group called The Industry that is dedicated to performance-making. Amanda’s work is largely excited by questions of the body as a performing archive, continually reproducing matter, routines, and disciplines. Specifically, she queries how a body manifests its everyday experiences, a continuum of embedding and (re)surfacing, through ritualized tasks performed in front of an audience.

"Huddle" and "Hangers" with choreographer Simone Forti and fellow performers of the exhibition "MOVE: Choreographing You" (2010), Photos by John Mallinson

"Exercising [EXORCIZING] Yvonne" (2010), Photo by Hrafnhildur Benediktsd├│ttir